List of Subjects’ Books (Authors) of Civil Engineering for ESE & CSE (Mains) which I referred to:


1.   Strength of Materials: Shah & Junarkar,

2.   Structural Analysis: C K Wang,

3.   Reinforced Concrete Structures: Menon & Pillai,

4.   Pre-Stressed Concrete: N Krishna Raju,

5.   Engineering Materials: Rangawala,

6.   Construction Planning, & Engineering Finance: NICMAR study material.

7.   Steel & Plastic Analysis: I studied only Plastic Analysis from NPTEL notes,


1.   Highway Engineering: Khanna & Justo,

2.   Environment Engineering-I (Water Supply ): S K Garg I,

3.   Environment Engineering-II (Sewage Supply and Air Pollution ): S K Garg II,

4.   Surveying: S K Duggal & NPTEL  notes,

5.   Fluid Mechanics & Hydraullic Machineries: R K Bansal,

6.   Engineering Hydrology: K Subramanya,

7.   Irrigation Engineering and Hydraullic Structures: S K Garg, NPTEL notes

8.   Flow in Open Channels: K Subramanya,

9.   Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering: Gopal Ranjan & Rao,

10.    Railway Engineering: Rangawala.



1.    It depends upto what extent one should read these books; as it is very difficult to read all the books in the given 1 year of preparation time, therefore,  it can be used for building concepts, referring with respect to any doubts as well as for practicing questions. Every individual should plan his/her own strategy, as they consume a lot of time and you may be left with lesser time for practicing-which is the most important part for UPSC exams.

2.    Apart from above books, I read extensively my class notes of Made Easy classes, and practiced from Made Easy Workbooks, most importantly-questions from previous year papers of ESE, IFS, CSE (Pre & Mains).

3.    For Subjects of Highway, Survey, Railways  and Environmental Engineering, Soil Mechanics, I read the requisite notes of NPTEL also, on the topics which were not given in the above mentioned books and not in my class notes, as UPSC is asking direct questions from them.

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